Saturday, 9 January 2010

Day 2 (Exposed)

Plagiarism is theft of another person's writings or ideas. Generally, it occurs when someone steals expressions from another author's composition and makes them appear to be his own work.

Plagiarism is the act ofSTEALING other people's writings or ideas.


this person (blogger)

is a fraud. and a thief.

(click on pictures for a larger view)

read the text in the square thingie I put in :) . I love how she refers to it as herpoems.
sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick .

Her Posts :
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-I love how at the end of this post she says where she got the picture from ..
She is giving credit to it's photographer.. contradiction much?

Original Poems :

It's sickening to see this happening over and over. I myself was a victim of plagiarism. While looking through a magazine at Starbucks I was shocked to see a short story I had written years back (I posted on a blog here in the blogsphere somewhere) maktouba besem someone else, a nick name which wasn't mines. I was furious . I later learned that the magazine gets a lot of work from freelance writers and get *ithinkcorrectmeifimwrong* 25KD per article. So that person got 25KD.. what did "madry shakw" get by posting these poems ? Why is everyone so fake, even in anonymous blogs under anonymous names they are fake . Shele estefadita ? Ghair humilating herself, and taking us all for idiots.

I hope you're ashamed. I hope you're very ashamed.

tafahat. turahat.


Anonymous said...

:O :O :O :O


I'm still :O from the shock!!

Anonymous said...


Cesc said...

للاسف عالم الفضاء مفتوح ..
ولانستطيع حفظ حقوقنا ,


Hamad said...

ga3datlohom ... :) zain tsaween walah hathool feehom naq9 allah yeshafeehom

Eden said...

wow i remmber this poem..i loved sad

NotMartha said...

Msha3erha : I know, but just like that, she deleted her blog.

Anony: :) yes yes yes.

Cesc: But laish is it ok ? I'm not even going to mention the famous journalists and writers who've been stealing other people's work by just "google trasnlating" it . Its an endless cycle.

Hamad : Ehehe 6ab3an! And yes, I agree. Bas mala da3i she deleted her blog, I wanted to know how she defends herself.

Eden : :/ I know.. Elmeshkela she didnt even dig deep for the poems.. She just googled love poem or friendship poem and copy pasted !

Standy said...

hmm.. she did delete her blog..
very very interesting...

msha3erha said...

Ouch!! :/
She deleted it!!
I think it's a sign that she's going to create a new blog and keep stealing since she has nothing to defend!!!

Mo shay!

Curly Curls said...

i read one of the poems on her site once .. but i didnt knw she was claiming their hers .. w i knew it wasnt hers from the 1st place coz the style she writes with was obvious .. w i instantly recognized it .. w i think the one i read was of someone famous !!

Glitter said...


You shamed her into deleting her blog :)


FUZZY BEAR said...

First off props on shaming/embarrasing her.

Second, are you one of those habba bloggers or the type who writes one post every two months?

I like your 'style' so far madry laish and I just wanted to know ahead of time so I don't check back constantly and get disappointed at the lack of posts.

Crystal said...

That's disgusting ..
i guess fake people will always be fake huh